​​​Sunday Worship Service ​10:30 am

New Rochelle United Methodist Church
1200 North Ave
New Rochelle New York 10804
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New Rochelle United Methodist Church

New Rochelle United Methodist Church

January, February, and March 

1. Begin with prayer.
2. We are reading Job.

3. Begin by journaling about suffering that you have experienced, or suffering that you have seen others experience.
4. Write down what you remember about the book of Job.
5. Read Job Chapters 1-5. Can you identify Job?
6. Did you remember the details of the story correctly?
7. What did Job lose, and how did he respond?
8. What does Job's wife tell him to do?
9. How do Job's friends respond to what is happening in his life?
10. How does Job respond?
11. How have you responded to the tragedies you've experienced in life?
12. Spend additional time reflecting on chapters 1-5.

13. Read Job Chapters 6-10
14. What emotional transitions have taken place in Job's life?
15. How have we seen Job's attitude change from Chapter 1 until now?
16. Job has a couple of types of friends. Describe how you experience Job's friends. Do you have friends like this?
17. How does Job respond when he is corrected by God? Have you had an experience like this?
18. Have you ever felt like your suffering was without end? Which scriptures did you use to get thorugh a difficult time?
19. Can you identify with Job in chapter 10.
20. Spend some time Journaling about a time when you felt like Job. How did you experience the manifestation of God in your life?