​​​Sunday Worship Service¬†​10:30 am

New Rochelle United Methodist Church
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New Rochelle New York 10804
Tel: 914-632-2166
  1. Sexuality and Faith
    July 23rd- Understanding Sexuality and our Faith Parents Session from 1PM- 3 PM Tweens/Teens Session from 3 PM- 5 PM An activity for Tweens and Teens will be provided prior to the start of the session from 1-3. Taught by Dr. Kate Ott of Drew University. These workshops for Tweens, Teens, and parents. These will be two hour blocks. The workshop for parents is separate from the tweens and teens. They will have the opportunity to explore key topics in children's and teens sexual development, and the ways social media has changed the landscape of communication and relationships. Parents will begin to learn about values related to sexuality (teachable moments), and current research on where our children put their values into practice (including having positive body image, delaying mature sexual behaviors, and developing healthy relationships. 2.5 - 3 hour Workshop for Tweens and Teens The tween and teen program will be based on an interactive format (game playing, small grops, q&a). We will discuss the difference between sexuality and "sex" ans what our Christian faith says about building healthy relationships. We will also focus on how to communicate what we want/need to achieve a healthy relationship based on our values including (or especially) with regard to use of social media. Specifically, we will discuss scenarios to address the difficult questions of saying "yes" and "no" to sexual behaviors. In other words, we will address questions like: What does a good relationship look like, and what faith value should I base this on? When should I kiss someone? When is it okay to move beyond kissing? Why should I wait to have sexual Intercourse if I'm in high school? How do I start a new relationship if I've already had sex? Is sexting sex? What does good communication look like when it comes to social media?
    July 23
  2. Peace Garden
    Join us for our Garden work days. Work days will be held on Saturday during the months of August-October. Please see our home page for the next work day. Our work begins on these days at 9:00 A.M, and we will until 11:00 unless we finish early. We may also work a little longer. The vegetables from the garden go to families in need in the community. If you are a family in need, or know a family, please contact the church office.
  3. Loving Our Neighbors
    Our team is called "Loving Our Neighbors". Join us for the Boys & Girls Club Mascaro Clubhouse/Feeney Park Beautification Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle http://www.bgcnr.org Volunteers will participate in Beautification Projects throughout Feeney Park and the Mascaro Boys & Girls Club. These projects include: - Painting and Sealing park benches, stages, and picnic tables - Painting the Teen Room inside the Mascaro Boys & Girls Club - Mulching, planting, and beautifying the front area near the flag pole - Painting the outside of the building that leads to the garden Parking Lot on site. If that is full, street parking is available on 7th Street and Harmon Avenue.
    Sept 9